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An Overview of Generac: an American Legacy of Innovation and Power

February 27, 2024

A rich history, manufacturing excellence, cutting-edge technological innovation, and unwavering quality. Explore An Overview of Generac: an American Legacy of Innovation and Power.

An Overview of Generac: an American Legacy of Innovation and Power


Welcome to our in-depth exploration of a legendary American company that has defined innovation and power since their humble beginning. Here, you’ll have an opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of American manufacturing excellence, technological innovation, and commitment to quality that underpins one of the leading brands in the power generation industry. Join us as we unravel the rich tapestry of Generac's heritage and its role in shaping the American manufacturing landscape.

Generac’s Roots – The Birth and Rise of a Power Icon (1959-Present):

Generac's saga began over six decades ago in 1959, in the industrious town of Waukesha, Wisconsin. Founded by the visionary Robert Kern, Generac started with a dream to democratize power generation. Throughout the years, significant milestones have marked Generac's journey. These include their pioneering move in the early 1980s to manufacture affordable home standby generators and the development of the first-ever pressure washer designed specifically for consumer use in 1962. Each innovation represented a leap in making power generation more accessible and reliable.

An Overview of Generac: an American Legacy of Innovation and Power

Generac’s Evolution – Adapting Through Decades (1959-2020s):

Generac’s journey through the decades highlights their adaptability and foresight in an ever-evolving industry. From their inception in 1959, under the visionary leadership of Robert Kern, Generac was poised to redefine the power generation market. In the 1970s and 1980s, they expanded their product line to include commercial and industrial generators, responding to the growing needs of a diverse customer base. The 1990s marked a significant era of expansion and innovation for Generac, with the introduction of their Guardian Series home standby generators in 1995, which quickly became an industry standard. The early 2000s saw Generac diversifying into portable power and pressure washers, further broadening their market reach. The acquisition of Magnum Power Products in 2011 and Ottomotores in 2012 expanded their portfolio and global footprint, showcasing Generac’s strategic growth into new markets and technologies. In recent years, Generac has embraced the green energy movement, integrating solar energy solutions and battery storage into their offerings, thus positioning themselves at the forefront of sustainable power solutions. This evolution reflects Generac's ability to not only adapt to changing market dynamics but also to anticipate and shape future power needs.

Manufacturing Footprint – An Expansive American Industrial Tapestry (1990s-2020s):

Generac's growth across the United States is a narrative of thoughtful expansion and American industrial excellence. The opening of their facility in Jefferson, Wisconsin, in 2001 marked a pivotal moment in scaling their production capabilities. This expansion strategy was meticulously planned to leverage local talent pools, logistical advantages, and to foster regional economic growth. Each facility, from the modern complex in Berlin, Wisconsin, to their operations in Eagle, Wisconsin, embodies Generac's commitment to American manufacturing and local community enrichment.

Innovation and Excellence – Redefining Power Generation (2000s-2020s):

Innovation at Generac is not just a buzzword; it's a fundamental principle. The 2000s and beyond witnessed groundbreaking advancements from Generac. In 2007, they unveiled the first gaseous-fueled standby generator, followed by the introduction of their Power Cell, a cutting-edge solar energy storage system, in 2019. These innovations underscore Generac's dedication to advancing power technology and their commitment to addressing evolving energy needs and sustainability concerns.

Community Impact – Cultivating American Success Stories (1990s-2020s):

Generac's influence in American communities is profound and multifaceted. Their facilities across various states have not only provided thousands of jobs but have also stimulated local economies and fostered community development. Initiatives like the Generac Technical Scholarship Program, launched in the mid-2000s, exemplify their commitment to empowering the next generation of American industrial talent and ensuring a robust future for the manufacturing sector.

An Overview of Generac: an American Legacy of Innovation and Power

Global Presence, American Heart (2010s-2020s):

Despite Generac’s global expansion, including strategic acquisitions like Pramac in 2016 and their foray into international markets, their heart remains firmly planted in American soil. This global perspective, combined with an unwavering commitment to American manufacturing, results in a unique synthesis of worldwide innovation and American craftsmanship. This duality allows Generac to infuse global technological advancements into their American-made products, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge of power generation technology.

Environmental Stewardship – Leading the Charge in Green Manufacturing (2010s-2020s):

Generac's green initiatives, particularly in the last decade, highlight their commitment to sustainable manufacturing. Efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, such as implementing waste reduction programs and optimizing energy use in their facilities, reflect their role as an environmentally responsible manufacturer. The launch of the EcoGen generator in 2010, specifically designed for eco-friendly power solutions, illustrates Generac's commitment to sustainable innovation.

Technology and Adaptation – Pioneering the Next Era of Smart Power (2000s-2020s):

Generac's technological strides, especially in the realm of smart power solutions, have been remarkable. The introduction of Wi-Fi-enabled generators and their Mobile Link technology in the late 2010s marked a significant evolution in how consumers interact with and manage their power systems. These advancements reflect Generac's foresight in embracing the IoT and smart home trends, positioning their generators as not just power sources but as integral, intelligent components of modern homes and businesses.

Safety and Reliability – A Foundation of Trust and Excellence (1990s-2020s):

Safety and reliability are the cornerstones of Generac's philosophy. With initiatives such as their comprehensive "Safety First" program and stringent quality control measures, Generac has established a reputation for producing some of the safest and most reliable generators on the market. This reputation is bolstered by the trust placed in Generac by critical facilities like hospitals, data centers, and emergency response units, where dependable power is not a luxury, but a necessity.

An Overview of Generac: an American Legacy of Innovation and Power

Training and Education – Investing in Knowledge and Expertise (2000s-2020s):

Generac's commitment to education and training is evident in their establishment of Generac University and other training initiatives. By providing extensive training for dealers, technicians, and customers, Generac ensures that their products are not only built with excellence but are also used and maintained to the highest standards. This investment in knowledge and expertise is a testament to Generac's dedication to enhancing the user experience and maximizing the performance and lifespan of their products.

Final Thoughts

Generac generators are more than just machines; they embody a rich legacy of American innovation, a commitment to quality and sustainability, and a dedication to enriching lives and communities. Assembled with pride in the USA, these generators represent the best of American manufacturing, infused with global technological advancements. 

At Osburn Services, we are proud to offer Generac's legacy of power and innovation to our customers in Michigan. Whether for residential, commercial, or emergency power needs, our Generac generators are backed by our commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction. For any assistance or queries, our team is always ready to help.

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