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In a period when power outages are becoming more common than ever, having a backup source of electricity is growing into a critical requirement for most brands and businesses. These alternative power sources help keep the lights on and electricity flowing through your walls, allowing any significant asset that requires energy to remain kicking throughout the outage.

Although our world is now teeming with various alternative power sources, commercial generators have remained popular among most brands and businesses. These machines spring to life immediately after the primary electricity supply from the grid fails, enabling all equipment to keep running without interruption.

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What is a Commercial Generator?

A commercial generator is generally a backup device that businesses use to keep their operations flowing smoothly during power outages. As an illustration, the electrical lines connecting to a data storage company may be randomly hit by a piercing storm in the middle of the night, resulting in a loss of power. Without an alternative source to keep their servers running, their clients may lose access to their data for hours.

On the other hand, with a commercial generator on standby, they can remain confident that the machine will click on immediately after their initial power supply is lost. This automatic switch-over from the grid is one of the core reasons these machines have continued to be a critical asset for brands and businesses that store data, process food, and manufacture products. With this device always around your facility, you can help your company minimize losses while ensuring that production continues smoothly.

At Osburn Services, we understand how damaging it can be for a company that requires consistent energy to get stuck in the middle of a power outage without an alternative electrical source. During this blackout, your organization risks facing unhappy clients and losing out on a significant amount of revenue. If your business requires a steady stream of electricity but does not have a commercial generator, please do not hesitate to drop by our Michigan facility.

How Does a Commercial Generator Work?

Fuel Acts as the Base

Commercial generators today place fuel at the core of their energy production. However, although most of these machines opt for diesel as their central power source, gasoline, and natural gas options have remained popular throughout the years. These fuels will act as the beating heart of your generator, allowing it to run as long as the tank is not empty.

Mechanical Energy is the Middle Man

One of the core misconceptions about generators is that the fuel is solely responsible for creating the electricity that runs through our light bulbs and switches, but this could not be further from the case. Instead, these machines burn our diesel and gasoline and use that to create mechanical energy.

Electricity is the End Result

Once our generator has been able to create a significant amount of mechanical energy, it can begin the process of rotating the crank that will help power all the equipment in your facility.

Is There a Difference Between Commercial Generators and a Residential Generator?

In most cases, commercial generators work similarly to typical residential generators, with both aiming to provide an alternative power source. However, while these machines may share several features, commercial generators tend to have various attributes that make them stand out from those you find by a shed or in a backyard.

One of the core areas where commercial generators stand above their residential counterparts is their size and power output. Remember, businesses use these machines to provide electricity for hundreds of people while ensuring that all equipment remains surging with life throughout the outage. To deliver on these promises, most manufacturers fit their commercial generators with additional parts and tools that naturally take up more space and increase their size. These secondary components also help to produce enough energy to power up a medium or large business.

Top Reasons to Get Commercial Generators

At Osburn Services, our core recommendation is that all businesses get their hands on a commercial generator for their facility. This device will help reduce downtime and any chances of your business being affected by a power outage.

It Ensures Consistent Security In Your Facility

Today, most security systems rely on a steady stream of electricity to function accurately. Unfortunately, this over-reliance on electrical power often means that our facilities can quickly become vulnerable during an outage as CCTVs and access key cards stop working. This security breakdown can leave your organization open to theft and other hazards.

This need for consistent security is one of the core reasons we always recommend commercial generators for all brands and businesses. With this machine, you can be confident that your organization will remain secure regardless of the situation. If you have been considering purchasing a generator and would like to learn more about the benefits of this device, please do not hesitate to drop us a message. Osburn Services has several years of experience offering commercial generator installation and is always glad to lend a helping hand.

It Helps Maintain a Comfortable Environment During Difficult Situations

One of the first things to understand about power outages is that they are often a challenging and scary time for everybody. Remember, people are not used to walking around their office in darkness or being unable to plug in their devices and speak to their family at will. Additionally, as your facility will likely lose heating or air conditioning during an outage, getting your staff to maintain their productivity levels can feel like an uphill climb.

This need to keep your workers motivated and calm during an outage is one of the core reasons we recommend getting a commercial generator for your business. This machine kicks on immediately after an outage, allowing your workers to remain productive during the blackout. If you believe your organization may benefit from having a commercial generator, please ring our phone lines or pay us a visit at our Michigan facility.

At Osburn Services, we have extensive experience installing generators and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, if you have a generator, but have let it fall to the wayside in recent years, don’t fret. Our technicians also offer commercial generator maintenance and will be able to get your machine pumping in no time.

Osburn Services Providing Commercial Generators, Michigan and Beyond

As a business, having a backup plan in every aspect is one of the core ways to stay on top and maintain longevity. Without a commercial generator at your side, you risk gathering losses, dealing with unmotivated staff, and facing angry customers unable to access their service.

Fortunately, commercial generators are one of the best ways to ensure the smooth sailing of your business. If you have recently suffered from a power outage or would like to protect yourself from one in the future, please drop us a message or leave us a call. Our technicians have racked up several years of experience installing and maintaining generators throughout the lower Michigan Peninsula, including in Oakland, Livingston, and Washtenaw, and are always glad to offer any help we can.

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