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What Is The Best Generator For A Home? A Generator Guide

October 11, 2022

Power outages are a reality of life, so preparing by investing in a generator is essential. But the question is what is the best generator for a home?

What Is the Best Generator for A Home?

Your home relies on electricity to power essential appliances such as a fridge, cooktops, and clothes washers and driers. But weather disasters pose ever-present risks of power outages. The best generator for a home will keep your home's essential functions afloat. That's why your home needs a generator for power outage emergencies.

You will need a qualified company with professional technicians to assess your home and determine the best generator to serve your premises. Besides, a generator well equipped for your home is an accessory whose value becomes clearer during power emergencies.

When looking for a company to outsource a suitable generator for your home, you want to ensure it has been in business long enough to understand your needs. 

Aside from considering the best company to install your generator, you'll need to figure out what is the best generator for a home. Two generators that serve residential spaces efficiently are Generac and Cummins generators. 

Read on to find more information on these excellent-performing generators.

Generac Generators

Generac generators provide reliable electricity solutions during power outages. These generators use natural gas or liquid propane fuel to provide electricity. Also, these permanently installed generators auto-start to keep your home powered after an emergency power outage.

Since a professional technician will connect this generator to your home's existing wiring system, the generator will automatically power all appliances in your home. Even more impressive is that Generac generators have FREE Mobile Link to monitor their status.

Specifically, Generac Guardian Series works with Mobile Link Remote Monitoring FREE to grant you remote control over your generator. This remote controller lets you view your generator's status from a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

These generators could connect to your home's gas supply to eliminate refueling. That means you can channel the money you'd spend on gas cans on projects that matter most. The automated operation makes Generac generators ideal for your home, and their powerful performance makes them meet more demanding tasks.

Generac generators produce 20kVA of electricity, more than your home requires during a storm. Even if you have heavy-duty power tools that use more electricity, you can power them off these generators. Therefore, you can consider a reputable installation company to equip your home with a powerful generator.

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What Is the Best Generator for A Home?

Cummins Generators

Cummins has a line of next-gen power generators that might be ideal for your home. Cummins generators are also ideal for business premises, making them versatile. You can find generators that use diesel or gas to produce electricity; this allows you to choose a fuel type that's readily available in your area.
Also, you can find generators producing energy anywhere from 15 to 3750kVA. Since most homes require 5kVA of electricity, Cummins generators will provide sufficient energy to power your home through the storm.

You can also find an excellent battery storage system to provide alternative electricity from the Cummins brand. The power solutions provided by the Cummins generators make them ideal accessories for many homes and, quite frankly, businesses as well.

But installing a generator with the reputation of a Cummins generator requires professional technicians authorized to sell, install, and maintain your power generator. However, before installing your preferred generator, the company you've entrusted with the installation job will inspect your home.

Usually, the inspection includes tests of your wiring to ensure it can support the generator. The company will install and connect the generator to your existing wiring system. Also, a qualified technician will attach a transfer switch for an easy switch from one power source to another.

Testing if everything works in your home is essential after installation. You want your generator to power every electronic appliance without putting you at risk. Your technician will be cautious to ensure gas lines aren't near the installed generator. That is essential because the gas could explode if it comes into contact with the diesel or kerosine stored in your generator's fuel tank.

How Often Should You Service Your Generator?

After a professional technician completes your home generator installation, you will service it a few times a year to ensure it's running smoothly. Ideally, you should have a professional conduct home generator maintenance every quarter.

Besides, Cummins 275 kW generator requires servicing after three months to keep it performing its best. When servicing your generator, your professional technician will do the following:

  • Inspect your generator visually
  • Test the engine start batteries
  • Analyze the oil and coolant sample
  • Start your generator and test it
  • Check the generator's engine temperature

These tests might reveal what's ailing your generator's system. If you live in Michigan, you can find plenty of companies that do professional installations. However, at Osburn Services, we tower above every service competing installation companies provide.

We have installed generators in homes and commercial buildings for over 30 years, giving us extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise. Besides installing the generator away from your gas lines and potential hazards, we ensure the generator you get is affordable yet powerful enough to power your home.

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What Is the Best Generator for A Home?

How Much Power Does Your Home Generator Produce?

Whole-house generators can produce 20kW of electrical power. Most houses require 11kW of electricity to power all electrical devices. Since this power demand is below what most whole-house generators produce, your home will benefit immensely from these generators during a storm.

After installing a whole-house generator, you can power your fridge, kitchen oven, and electronics such as TVs and power the lights. Your home will have lights on even when every other house on the block is in darkness. Even your air conditioner will function since whole-house generators are powerful enough to power it alongside a few more essential electrical appliances.

Which Generator Will Power Your Home?

If you're in Michigan and can't decide on the best generator for your home, contact us for consultation. As a company that has spent the last 30 years installing home generators, we'll source the best generator for your home after you get your free estimate from our team.

We also install commercial building generators and offer financing options if you're low on cash to install a generator. Regardless of the brand we choose, our team of professional installers and technicians is always at hand to ensure proper installation and maintenance.

Final Thought

Are you still wondering what is the best generator for a home?

To recap, the best generator for your home produces sufficient electricity that lasts you through a power outage. While Cumming and Generac are leading generators, you can still find multiple other brands that will power your home sufficiently.

If finding an ideal generator is overwhelming, contact us today for the best generator sales, installation, and system maintenance services.

Osburn Services is Here to Answer All Your Questions

Working with a generator installation expert has advantages. Such a professional ensures you choose the right generator for your needs and helps you maintain your purchase to ensure usability for the maximum recommended lifespan. Through engaging a generator installation professional, you enjoy a free generator estimate pre-installation and after-sales service post-installation.

Osburn Services is a leading generator company with extensive experience installing and maintaining generators throughout the lower Michigan Peninsula. Throughout the years, we have consistently combined this experience with quality parts to help create an unbeatable installation and maintenance experience for all our clients. Today, we sit among a handful of authorized Cummins and Generac installers in Michigan, making us an ideal partner for the installation and maintenance of your generator.


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